Hydra Technology designs and builds custom hydraulic cylinders including telescopics, mill cylinders, multi-point leveling and tensioning hydraulic cylinder systems, electro-hydraulic lifts, gas springs, stainless steel hydraulic cylinders, pancake cylinders and NFPA Interchange Hydraulic Cylinders.

Custom Hydraulic Cylinders Hydratechnologies

Custom Hydraulic Cylinders For Unique Needs

Hydratech designs and builds custom hydraulic cylinders for OEM applications as well as custom hydraulic cylinders for in-plant use.

Hydratech if your hydraulic cylinder technical needs involve:

Custom Hydraulic Cylinders
  • High pressure (10,000 psi)
  • High temperature (to 400 F)
  • Corrosive environment
  • High speed movements
  • Unusual operating fluids
  • High duty cycle
  • Long strokes/short spaces
  • Multi-cylinder moves

Contact Hydratech if your hydraulic cylinder requirement involves:

  • Small quantities (one time or repetitively)
  • Short lead times (hours and days not weeks and months)

Custom Hydraulic Cylinder Designs

Double Rod-Telescopic
Hand Pumps
Conveyor Tensioning Cylinders

Contact Hydratech

  • If you can't find it in a catalog
  • If you're not sure a hydraulic cylinder can do what you need done

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